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MCC HUATIAN has established complete science and technology innovation management system, prepared science and technology innovation plan, constructed complete science and technology R&D system, and formed highly efficient science and technology R&D mechanism.

HUATIAN has unique advantages in providing services for iron & steel enterprises throughout the whole process flow starting from raw material handling system, sintering, iron making, steel making to steel rolling. A number of technologies and equipment developed by HUATIAN in the field are in the lead around the world. HUATIAN, with its know-how, high-end talents, key equipment manufacturing, project construction, production operation and capital operation capability, also commands full industrial chain integration capability in such strategically emerging areas as municipal and wastewater treatment & reutilization, treatment of rivers or lakes and stink water, soil improvement and ecological repair, urban centralized supply of heat and urban direct drinking water, urban underground comprehensive pipe galleries, spongy city, beautiful countryside and smarter city ,solid waste treatment, high-end consulting in engineering projects, and health and senior care industry; and has established its scientific and technological renovation platform consisting of 6 institutes, 6 centers, 2 stations, 1 support unit, and 3 pilot test bases and is in possession of a large number of high end science and technology innovation achievements and patents.

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